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Image of the front cafe sign

27 Blair is the accumulation of countless ideas, business plans, and aspirations.


Hi, I'm Sally, a Bondi local with a passion for creating my own venue. While I initially pursued a career in law and policy, my heart always yearned for the hospitality industry. After a holiday in 2020, I knew I had to make a change and go after what I wanted. 

During the 2021 lockdown in Sydney, I seized the opportunity to draw up a comprehensive business plan and leave my consulting job. My journey began with enrolling in a patisserie and hospitality management course, aiming to be ready for my own venue in 18 months. In February 2023, fate intervened during a conversation, leading to an accepted bid two weeks later. By March, I had completed my course, and on April 19, 2023, I officially took over the former Blair St Dairy. Finally, on July 14, 2023, 27 Blair opened its doors to the public, turning my dreams into reality.

More than just delicious food and beverages

During my time in health and justice, I couldn't shake the feeling that the root cause of many societal problems was the lack of connection. Whether it's with each other, our communities, or the environment, this disconnection troubled me deeply. And thus, the mission of 27 Blair was born—to create a space that not only offers delicious food and drinks but fosters meaningful connections.

At 27 Blair, we embrace the four pillars of sustainability: community, people, environment, and business. I won't bore you with the details of the business aspect, but it involves running the venue in a way that supports jobs and contributes to the economy. However, let's dive into the other three.

Community holds immense significance to me. Through my travels and experiences of loneliness in towering buildings and concrete jungles, I've come to value the importance of a strong community. It provides a sense of belonging and connection. I strive to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere at 27 Blair, where people feel part of something greater. Additionally, we actively engage in community activities and collaborate with the wider Bondi community.

The environment is everything to us. It sustains us, nurtures us, and allows life to thrive. While human creations may be impressive, nothing compares to the wonders of nature. Have you ever seen the Giant Sequoia, General Sherman? It's mind-boggling. This 2,500-2,700-year-old tree reminds us of our responsibility to care for the environment. At 27 Blair, we're committed to reducing our ecological footprint and incorporating environmental awareness into our surroundings and food offerings.

Our people encompass not only our team members, suppliers, and contractors but also you, our valued customers. We prioritize treating everyone with respect, support, and kindness. I've had my fair share of negative work experiences, and I'm determined to create a different environment. So, join us, meet us, and get to know your neighbors. Strike up a conversation with the familiar faces you see waiting for coffee every day. It will be worth it, I promise.

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