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Our sustainability journey

At 27 Blair, sustainability transcends beyond mere buzzwords. We aim to integrate it into every aspect of our operation, mindful of our impact on the environment, the Bondi community, and our dedicated team.

Environmentally, we prioritise ethical sourcing and waste reduction, nurturing our planet while delivering exquisite culinary experiences. As a community hub, we foster local connections and support homegrown producers, enriching our local economy.

Our team is our cornerstone, treated with respect and given opportunities to grow. They are not just employees, but family, deeply committed to serving you passionately. At 27 Blair, your every visit contributes to a more sustainable, connected world.


Nestled amid the natural splendour of Bondi, 27 Blair embodies a profound respect for our environment - an aspect that no local or visitor can overlook, irrespective of their views on climate change. We firmly acknowledge the responsibility we hold, both as a business and as individuals, to safeguard our surroundings, and walk the walk. 

We have already undertaken several initiatives towards environmental sustainability and continue to look for more ways to fully align with our ethos. 

  • To reduce waste: we've reevaluated our portioning, are exploring organic waste solutions, and have shifted to produce more in-house items to maintain quality and reduce packaging.

  • We've refined our front-of-house operations to further cut waste, and our takeaway packaging, from coffee cups to food containers, are eco-friendly. Sourced from Biopack, these include coffee lids and bowls fashioned from reclaimed sugarcane pulp.

  • We proudly source our milk from Little Big Dairy, a single-source farm from NSW, renowned for its regenerative and sustainable farming practices.

  • Our drink selections are all-Australian. Our wines come from vineyards employing regenerative, bio-organic practices or hold organic certification, supporting healthier soils and ecosystems.

  • As for your coffee, we are partnered with Pablo & Rusty, a B Corp-certified company, to deliver a premium brew that's ethically produced.


At 27 Blair, every decision reflects our commitment to the environment, enhancing your dining experience while preserving the beauty that Bondi offers.

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Our Community

Our role in the community is as important to us as it is you. We hope to not only provide you with a space for you to enjoy great food and drink, but also a space that contributes to the happiness in your life. Our specific community initiatives are works in progress but here are a few things we're working towards: 

  • A 27 Blair community library

  • A monthly evening bookclub

  • A monthly evening supperclub

  • Cookie and brownie donations to school fetes

If you have any ideas of how we can get more involved in the community, please contact me with your ideas. ​

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